Valley Machine Terms and Conditions
Valley Machine QMSD - 1007 Supplier Terms and Conditions (PDF File)

Our Certifications:


Our Quality Process

At Valley Machine, we recognize quality products are the result of advanced equipment and machining processes, standard quality assurance procedures, continuous information flow, and high grade materials.  To ensure consistent high levels of machining, assembly, and customer service, as well as effective and economic production, we apply a specific quality assurance procedure to every project.

Our quality assurance procedures cover every step of the process from raw material in the door to finish product out the door.  This methodology assures every aspect of machining and assembly receives the level of attention and control necessary to detect any discrepancies or inconsistencies and allow for positive preventive action.  Quality requirements are developed collectively between the customer and the VMS quality assurance team ensuring optimum quality production and meeting the high standards of excellence expected by our customers.


“Valley Machine is very accommodating to our rapidly changing schedule while always maintaining on-time deliveries.  They’re the supplier we count on to find a manufacturing process solution when our parts become complex with very tight tolerances; even when other companies haven’t been able to provide a solution at all.  Valley Machine always comes through to our satisfaction, thank you for being a working partner with Serveron.”

- Michael Simon, Serveron Corporation

“Valley Machine has proven over the long term to consistently meet or exceed CMI’s stringent Quality standards. They make the buying activities easy and efficient with their great Customer Service. Keep up the
good Work! “

- Lori Vanderzanden, Cascade Microtech, Inc.